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Silverworks Island, E16 - Large Unit Base (37,000m²)



This huge site can house any production’s unit base, crew cars, and crowd/catering base, as well as functioning as a shooting location. The site can either be booked in it's entirety or in one of it's smaller configurations (see plans below).

Size: 37,000m²

Trailer Capacity: 50+
Crew Cars Capacity: 200+

Availability: Get in touch for availability
Curfew: None

Vehicle Access: HGV suitable
Vehicle Gate Width: 5m
Height Access: None
Access Issues: None

Site Security: Secure gated site

Nearby Locations:

- City Airport – 0.7 miles (3 min drive)
- Millennium Mills – 1.0 miles (4 min drive)
- City Hall – 1.4 mile
s (5 min drive)
- ExCel London - 1.4 miles (5 min drive)
- Canary Wharf – 3.8 miles (9 min drive)
- Beckton Park – 1.1 miles (4 min drive)

- Wharf Studios - 4.3 miles (19 min drive)

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