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Twelvetrees, E3 - Large Unit Base (3300m²)



This large unit base can comfortably house any production’s bases. The site is in close proximity to 3 Mills Studios and is ideal for productions unable to base, or park crew cars, directly on site due to the limited space there.

Size: 3300m²

Trailer Capacity: 20 - 25
Crew Cars Capacity: 100 (without trailers)

Availability: Available from August 2023
Curfew: None

Vehicle Access: HGV suitable
Vehicle Gate Width: 10m
Height Access: None
Access Issues: None

Site Security: Secure gated site

Nearby Locations:
- 3 Mills Studios – 0.3 miles (2 min drive)
- Canary Wharf - 1.2 miles (4 min drive)

- London Stadium - 1.2 miles (4 min drive)

- Victoria Park - 1.6 miles (6 min drive)

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